The immense popularity and success of massive multiplayer online games (MMOs) like World of Warcraft and Diablo 3 amongst players of all ages has given rise to a new market, with more and more virtual items being bought and sold online for real money.  Many players put their gaming accounts and banking information at risk by using third-party websites to handle the transactions.

This entry simulates a game like Diablo on iOS and lets players use their remote MintChip to buy and sell virtual items in-game, directly with each other.  Players can sell items by advertising in the trade chat channel.  Buyers can then tap on the link in their chat window to view the item details and complete the purchase with a single tap of the buy button.  Players can also create a personal store in their inventory.  An icon appears above the seller’s head to signal to other players that there are items for sale, which they can browse and purchase directly, even when the seller is away from the computer.  This can be especially useful in highly-populated areas in-game, such as cities. MintChip makes buying and selling items in-game safe, convenient and worry-free.

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