You probably already know that social media is the top channel for marketers, but did you know that influencer marketing has become more popular than SEO? The way products and services are being discovered is changing so drastically that even Google Execs have suggested that Instagram and TikTok are eating into their core products - search and maps. 🤯

We became inspired to design and create a new platform called Mint to help professionals focus on growing and monetizing their services on social media.

What it does

Show the world, you Bring together your online presence in one page using drag and drop building blocks. builder

Build trust Automatically send testimonials and display them on your page. testimonials

Take Bookings Easily take bookings for your services via Square. Just connect and add a customizable booking block. bookings

How we built it

Mint was built using React, MongoDB, GraphQL, NestJS and Next.js

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We used this hackathon as an outlet to build a new tool that's scalable after the hackathon. Please try the tool out and create your very own page! :)

What we learned

Mobile device traffic is slightly higher than desktop suggesting the importance to create mobile first experiences or at least be responsive and optimized across devices.

What's next for

Today, we created blocks to help professionals bring together their online presence, share content and a way for taking bookings.

Next, we plan to create more blocks to enable users to do more, like selling items as well as launching in the Square marketplace.

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