Through Mint Kitchen, we want to solve a German, a European key issue : the integration of migrants, refugees and their descendants. Integration has become a slippery word with different people giving it different meanings. Integration is a two way process in which migrants and natives adapt to each other, this is the definition according to the UK Commission on Integration and Cohesion. Women play a key role in nurturing that integration process, as they will be the ones passing on their values to their kids, to the next generation. That’s why Mint focus is on empowering women with a refugee background through socio-economic integration and exchange.

Today, people are buying into stories. With Mint we are telling stories, allowing a complete approach to integration : both offline and online.

Online we are building a platform that curates content from women from all over the world. Each women is telling her story and associates it to a culinary experience, a recipe and a musical experience, a song. The reader gets a first, multi sensorial glance into the new culture.

Offline we are developing monthly pop-ups where one culture can be experience through a visual artist, a foot artist and musical artist to offer a full experience, with highlighted cultures being those of immigrants. Those experiences will also be relayed digitally as portraits online.

The development of this project will be to interlace off and online experiences with social communities build online, that can meet offline to share a mint tea for example. Mint tea, when you travel to arabic countries for instance, stands for hospitality and a sharing experiences.

Sadly, we didn’t had warming mint tea… so we couldn’t bond deeply with one of our team members. We didn’t manage to transport the sparklingness of the drinks to our whole team. Without sparkle and warmth we lost a team member overnight. A shame as he held the key to cracking the challenges.

On the good side, we all found a comfy place to sleep and had a great exchange of views and approaches to tackle problems. It is fun and enriching to discuss and develop a project with people from different mindsets. We had fun developing and advancing on that. Although please!… let us stay 24 more hours next time so that the unicorn in our heads become real life unicorns and not just fresh born shetland poneys.

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