Study Buddy: Excel Together (minnehack2020)

A platform for University of Minnesota students to coordinate study efforts with peers that share courses.
Students will be able to create a login and find their classes from a list of all classes at the U to include in their profile. Students can submit requests to study for a particular course on SBET and be matched with another student who wants to study for the same course. Potentially, they can include details like what they want to focus on (homework, midterm), location, time, and contact. This platform can be expanded in the future to help coordinate students who want to sell and buy textbooks, and opportunities with professors (research, mentoring).


  • login
  • student profile
  • front-end
  • database
  • matchmaking based on course query
  • posts
    Once the user submits a query for a class, they will be given a list of matches
    The user has the opportunity to message matches to arrange a study session
    Once the study session is over, the request will be deactivated
    Possible friend system
  • search box


  • Brandon (adding class, registration, database, forms)
  • Jeffery (query cleaning, matchmaking, functions)
  • Luke (Jinja eng., matchmaking page, search function)
  • William (database structure, forms, database tables)

boilerplate credits: hack4impact @

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