When a medical emergency occur, the first hour is called the "Golden Hour". Getting the patient to the highest level of care within the Golden Hour will greatly increase the patient's chance of survival. We analyzed the EMT's response procedures, and concluded that valuable times are being wasted before the EMT arrives on the scene, and when EMT arrives on the scene the patient may become unconscious. We think these life costing inefficiencies are avoidable.

What it does

To address this problem, we decided to gain valuable time for the patient by developing an application that will guide patients step by step to fill out the important medical information, namely SAMPLE&OPQRST reports, and share it live to all levels of care from the EMT's in the ambulance to the ER surgeons.

How we built it

Due to the lack of mobile development expertise in our team, we decided to build a demonstrator using java and PostgreSQL. We build a front end using java, and that is going record the patient's responses in json file, and we have a backend that takes SQL file. The only quark we could not work out in the given time was how to write a script that automatically parse json file into SQL file for the backend to read.

Challenges I ran into

Building in mobile platform. Parsing files. Scripting.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The idea will save lives if massively implemented.

What I learned

Industry experience outside of academics will greatly improve our ability to code.

What's next for Minnehack 2017

May the best team win the rift.

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