Did you know the average US worker spends 5 hours a week in meetings and 4 hours in preparation! This not only wastes company time, but company money as well. Minitum's goal is to help companies have more efficient meetings to create a more productive environment.

What it does

Minitum allows for efficient meetings through creating virtual "meeting rooms". When your company has a meeting, your employers can join the meeting on their phone and see the meeting conversation in realtime. This has benefits, including helping those with hearing losses, anyone not in the physical meeting space, and allowing for everyone to visually see what their thoughts are.

How we built it

We used React Native for the app interface, React for the web app, Google Firebase for the database, and Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services Speech to Text SDK.

Challenges we ran into

The Speech to Text SDK does not stream continuously with React Native - instead we needed to create a bridge from React Native to Android Studio in order to use it efficiently.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Overcoming the bridge challenge mentioned above. Additionally, creating a better UI than past projects.

What we learned

Need to do more research about potential API's and how they integrate with frameworks that we'd like to use.

What's next for Minitum

Minitum has an incredible amount of potential paths - we hope to integrate voice recognition to detect who is saying what at meetings, have the ability to export the transcribed document to a PDF and email it to everyone, and work on creating agendas and add more tools for productivity.

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