People have a hard time figuring out what ministries they would fit in, and many ministries lack talented people. There should be a simple way to help both parties connect.

What it does

Ministries add skills they think they need. Members register and then list the skills they have. After that, they see the matching ministries.

How I built it

I used Ruby on Rails with postgres as a database. I used a css framework called Foundation to style the front end, with minimal extra CSS added. No javascript is used.

I modeled the Ministries, Skills, Members and relationships in Rails, and added a simple registration/login system for Members. Most everything in Skills and Ministries is editable by anyone at the moment, but there are also standard seeds to set up some initial data.

Challenges I ran into

It was difficult to try to list all the skills a given ministry might need. The interface for adding skills is a bit gaudy as I am not in any way a designer.

What's next for Ministry Skill Matcher

I would like to ad admin roles, so not just anyone can add new skills/ministries. I would like to clean up the member skill chooser UI/UX. I would like to have more logic around finding matching ministries, including partial matches ranked with some computed score.

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