What is it MVP for Developers?

Minimum Viable Product for Developers is a method that allows to focus attention on the process that the user would carry out instead en the "awesome features" that your app could have to be.

It reduces dramatically amount of features necessary to validate your product.

Download template

You can download Whiteboard Template Here.

How does it work?

You need resolve three simple and super easy steps:

Define a User Story

Create a User Story. It will define what your MVP should resolve for user. Consider it as a contract of MVP.

Write Sections and Fields

Write in whiteboard every piece of data information that you think is necessary show or receive from the user. Group every field in sections of your app. Don't worry how it will be presented to user, just write data and sections as text group.

When you finished, append sticker in every section and field.

  • Green stickers: Represent relevant information for the user or it is easy for the user get or complete when he is using the app.
  • Yellow stickers: Represent opportunity to "brandness". Use a niche texts or fun images that makes your brand remarkable for your users.
  • Red stickers: Represent not relevant information for the user or it is not easy for the user get or complete when he is using the app.

Keep green sections and fields, remove everything in red and consider how to show information in yellow to make to more remarkable your brand.

Finally, draw lines representing the user's journey through your app.

Wireframe for your MVP.

In this step, you will have a very reduce data requirements. It's helps to:

  • Reduce amount of data your show in screen
  • Build simple functionalities.
  • Think your apps as mobile first.

Feel free to put your creative rolling and sketch your (mobile first) wireframe.


I was looking for a method that helps me save a lot of time when I develop with my teammates a new feature or app.

Usually, requirements overloaded designs add numerous tasks to development spring that result in features that are irrelevant to end users.

Keep a good method to identify what is really important reduce user friction and save a lot of time in developing proceess.

This method is based on "MVP for Geeks by Will Dayble". To make it more "out of the box" for online collaborative team members, I added some features like:

  • First Step to collaborative define a collaborative "MVP User Story".
  • Sections new names and guide texts in whiteboards.
  • Design how assets are distributed in whiteboard.

What it does

This method permit:

  1. Identify the problem to resolve through user stories.
  2. Identify sections and fields that is really important.
  3. Build a wireframe of MVP.

How I built it

Using Whiteboards for Confluence.

Challenges I ran into

  • Adds 'What does the user need?' step.
  • Fix model that I used in older projects to get a 'ready to use' style for other users.
  • Make video.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Using Whiteboards gives a very professional style.

What I learned

This new tool for work this new customers.

What's next for Minimum Viable Product for Developers

Create a blog to add more tips how to use it and share.

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