Removing the distractions and clutter from your life can help you focus on the things that matter, but we have found it can be difficult to keep pushing to maintain this goal. Our app will allow you to compete with friends and make removing clutter as simple and intuitive as possible.

What it does

Challenge your friends and family through our social network integration (still in development) to get rid of items not adding value to your life and play the 30-day minimalism game ( Take pictures of items you are giving up and using google cloud vision, our app will recognize the items in your photo (and allow you to edit these predictions) and even suggest charities to donate to based on the type of items.

How we built it

Using multiple APIs and frameworks, such as Google Cloud Vission and the Facebook API, together with our Azure server that communicates directly to the android app.

Challenges we ran into

Combining the frameworks together and sending data between the server and client. Microsoft Azure allowed us to condense most of our server-side into its framework for the app to communicate with.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got Azure server, google cloud vision and android studio to talk to each other

What we learned

Over 10 programming languages. How NOT to do a whole lot of things. (just now finding the correct ways of doing those things)

What's next for Minimalism-App

Expansion of social section to sync with your friends on facebook.

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