Every day stock brokers and traders go home at the end of a long day and spend hours catching up on what happened and preparing for the next one instead of spending time with their families. In addition, the general populace may not have the same level of tools or access to data as financial experts to make sound fiduciary decisions themselves and hence they are culpable to be taken advantage of by malicious financial advisors. This lack of access to information causes a huge gap of power between the experts and the common people, which I hope to bridge with minify(WallStreet).

What it does

Minify(WallStreet) uses cutting edge artificial intelligence, natural language processing, sentiment analysis and machine learning to parse through thousands of business articles and analyze the sentiments associated with them. Then it associates them to specific industries with image recognition and a deep neural network to generate a brighter picture of the short term trends that the industry is due for. Media perception and public reputation plays a huge role in determining the price of a stock; minify(WallStreet) is simply quantifying the factor at a large scale.

How I built it

I wrote a Python web crawler with an exponential recursive algorithm to parse through all <img> and <a> tags on a root page, improving performance with memoization. Images found on the page are sent to Clarifai's Image Recognition API to determine the general subject, and these are fed through Microsoft Oxford's LUIS application (a machine learning deep neural network for words) to determine a specific industry. I take advantage of Indico's sentiment analysis API to determine the overall positivity/negativity of the article and store this in a database. The reports on the web app then reads the database and compiles a normalized report of how media sentiments are affecting particular industries.

Challenges I ran into

Network latency, Google stopping my search queries because of 'suspicious robotic activity'.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Took down GizMag for 5 seconds

What I learned

Artificial Intelligence is only as smart as the person developing it.

What's next for minify(WallStreet)

More analyzed detailed reports, with more insights and more dimensions. Maybe politics.

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