Indonesia has various tourism places, which provides great opportunity to small businesses. However, due to less reach to tourists and customers these small businesses like small antique shops, food shops they are unable to advertise and sell easily. Therefore, a solution is made so that these small vendors can reach out to tourists and customers and improve their business.

What it does

It helps customers to add their interest and find the offering posted by the small businesses. This allows customers to reach them which will improve their sales. Sellers and post about their products online while customers can see posts according to their interest.

How we built it

This project has been built using flutter for the front end and firebase for the back end.

Challenges we ran into

Implementing the post sharing and security in this timeframe was difficult however with our collaboration we managed it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We really like our clean UI, with simple solution which can help small businesses. Also, its a single app where customers and sellers can use a single app. Depending on the account it will allow different features.

What we learned

It really helped us to improve our knowledge about flutter and firebase. It also helped us to improve our management skills. It also allowed us to collaborate with peers around the world.

What's next for MiniBiz

There are lot of areas where this project can be scaled up to benefit the small vendors and businesses. Ability to chat directly with customers can be helpful to businesses. Furthermore, adding ability to make orders directly to businesses will boost their sales and profits.

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