This project is a web application built with Ruby on Rails.

The motivation of this project was to improve on presentations by making them more interactive. Presentations would be shared via a generated access code so that they can be seen on any device. Spectators would be able to access the presentation slides in real-time on their own devices, and focus more on the quality of content than on trying to obtain the information. As the presenter moves between lecture slides, the spectator's device reflects this change.

What's Finished:

Building Presentations --Uploading and saving images as Active Record objects using Paperclip --Adding Captions to Slides --Bundling Slides into a Presentation

Viewing Presentations --UI implemented using slick.js to transition between slides

About the Team --Sam Sampson - Lead Developer; Full stack --Thomas Peev - Project Manager; learned Ruby, Ruby on Rails environment --Judy Jun - Front End Designer;learned Ruby, Ruby on Rails, API stuff --Beatrice Lee - Lead Designer and Photographer

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