There are constant postings on social media & many comments without any purpose already on the internet. Based on survey results from cato.org, people take more than 93 million selfies each day around the world knowing that statistic with 300 news articles being released each week about social issues that affect us as a population such as the Environment, Black Lives Matter, Lack of Work, Asian-American Abuse, Gender Equality every day in the news. With 51% of the American population agreeing that free speech is good for citizens, why not use that same free speech for good to tackle those hard-to-solve social-economical issues? We in the team, mini media, are giving the average people with a working smartphone to communicate their action plan and personal message to their government and become more aware of these social and political issues. We hope mini media will inspire them to become more politically active.

🤔What it does

mini media uses an easy-to-use 5-step plan to allow users to make a card and send the card as an email to their local representative:

  1. Pick an issue you're interested in current social-economical topics
  2. Take a selfie for the card
  3. Write a message + semantic & tone checker on your stance on the issue
  4. Input your city or location to find your local representatives
  5. Preview the card and mini-media sends your card as an email to them using the Google Civic and DataMade APIs.

Tone checkers can detect being abusive and straight mean in the caption using machine learning before saving the caption. View postings/cards on the community page in the mobile app or post into the big social media integrations such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc... You can edit profiles and postings and view collections of your postings with timestamps in your user profile database. See our video for details

🎟 Adherence to Theme

mini media is a quick social media platform with a 5-step process that uses selfies and the internet to combat current social and political issues in the U.S. Our platform is unique in that we directly send the email your card straight to the public email of the local representative. We want to take action against the current cloud of news, media, and many many issues in the U.S. and give light to the average person's action plan and personal message on those specific issues. Can view the cards of each user profile in the community feature or by posting public in multiple social media integrations. Target users are in the 19-45 age range as they are more open to posting in public and are a part of the internet generation.

🛠 How we built it

Used React-Native for the mobile app development of graphics, navigations, and includes braches for the routing Firebase for a user profile database, authentication, and logging out, and saving the post to display onto the community page in real-time. Using Apis such as Google Cloud, data made, and 5calls.org, to generate current topics, sending an email, and find your representatives based on your locations. expo.io to create a framework for the mobile app and to view mobile successfully on any physical smartphone. Figma for the complete design assets, brainstorming for inspirations, and complete interactive prototypes.

Try it out Working prototype

😥Challenges we ran into

We ran into many challenges due to a lack of experience in Github. Furthermore, Firebase did not cooperate at times and had issues calling Apis and taking apart the data gathered.

💪Working Functional Deployment + 🎊Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of building such an impactful and amazing app for young adults to take ownership of their own political issues and social issues in their country and can be shown on any physical smartphone RIGHT NOW. A working development. Creating an interactive prototype. Collaborating together with constant communication through discord and meeting up and screen sharing whenever we ran into any blockers even with the time difference.

  • User account can successfully verify register, login, and log out.
  • Check tone and semantics using algorisms of caption before sending email
  • Track user account and content.
  • User profile can be updated and edited.
  • Create a post and add captions about an issue of your choice
  • Community page that's is updated in real-time and new postings every intended 15 mins

📚What we learned

  • Members of the team learned how to use Figma, as well as the images it provided to us.
  • Learned how to use notion as a way to increase our productivity and manage tasks asynchronously.
  • We learned how to efficiently style our applications in react-native UI packages.
  • Sensitive topics of social and political issues history and how an average person has different views and actions from politicians.
  • Lastly, Learned how to communicate designs to development to effectively use.

⏭ Future Plans of Mini Media and its Benefits of User

  • Using design to continue improving development to finalize email submission in the backend
  • Successfully preview the selfie and caption together.
  • Launching a social campaign
  • Discuss with target users (19-45) age range about feedback and testing.
  • Expanding to other countries and languages.
  • Benefits: Make a change of real-world issues with one message at a time. Founders of mini-media can meet and make partnerships with local representatives and work with non-profits and local businesses as the first next step for expansion.

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