Using the Electric Imp, the team collected real-time biomedical data using basic and cheap sensors. The data was sent via wifi to a web browser, which displayed the data effectively. A button option allows the doctor to communicate to the patient and provide a "healthy" or "sick" diagnosis. In a way, Mini-Med is a portable doctor's office accessible to anyone with a wifi connection, demonstrating that fundamental medical treatment can be globalized. In addition, the Electric Imp can be used for more than just household hacks but can make a tangible impact in society and medical technology.

Challenges we ran into: The Electric Imp was a new module which our team was not familiar with. Understanding the Squirrel language and utilizing the Electric Imp environment was a challenge. In addition, our team was not familiar with web design so took the time to familiarize ourselves with valuable tools such as Bootstrap and GitHub. As first time female hackers, we learned an incredible amount over the past 24 hours. Our programming, hardware, and system integration skills increased significantly and we emerged with a deeper understanding and stronger passion for engineering and technology.

We hope to improve upon our prototype with more precise sensing technology and a more secure web-interface.

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