Inspiration - Or inspiration was the endless possibility of our future.

What it does - Our team created 1 large game that consisted of several mini games. It was created in Python3. We used Python because we knew it was a challenge to code games in that language.

How we built it - We divided the word into 3 separate parts. If one of us had a problem then we would all work together to fix it. In the end we put it together for 1 final project.

Challenges we ran into - We had a few major problems during the duration of this hack. It started with the VEX cars, we couldn't find some of the hardware for the robotic cars and we spent a couple hours trying to figure it out. After, we went into Python3 and had a minor issues with while loops.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - As a team we are proud of staying up throughout the night and working together as a whole, debugging our program.

What we learned - After messing around with the VEX, we learned how to program in the language "RobotMesh" after having a lot of trial and error.

What's next for Mini Games - The future plans for this program are endless. A big idea we have planned is adding a GUI. Something that will implement our Python code into a Graphical Interface, for a more organized, cleaner, and sharper look. A smaller idea we have is to added a couple more games that would make the large game a bit more interesting.

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