As all of you know, waiting in lines at stores during checkout can be quite a pain. With the introduction of Mint Chip technology we’ve been able to develop Mini Checkout, an application that eliminates waits in checkout lines. A customer can become his/her own cashier, capable of scanning product barcodes with our mobile technology in their pocket. Mini Checkout enables customers to perform a mobile self-checkout by using their own smart phones. It is similar to using self-checkout machines except that each customer can use their own mobile devices to checkout.

This scalable and distributed checkout system brings benefits to the retailer and shoppers alike. Customers can have an interactive and fun way of performing the checkout without waiting in line for the cashier or the self-checkout machines. The retailer can increase shoppers’ engagement and provide customized promotions.

Unlike other apps that use MintChip payment by having to scan a QRCode, Mini Checkout enables automatic payments between shoppers and retailers. Barcode scanning on the receipt at the end of the checkout is an add-on only.

By using the MintChip payment solution, Mini Checkout can provide a secure and authentic payment that relieves the retailer from payment liability and therefore allows customers to self-checkout and pay for their merchandise by using their smart phones.

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