Inspiration for this project came from the very issue that every interviewer or interviewee faced during the online interview process. Online Interviews are not very efficient as most of the time interviews are rescheduled due to unavailability and it takes weeks to conclude interviews. The problem is HR/Recruiter can't able to handle multiple parallel interviews.

What it does

Mini is able to solve the problem of handling multiple parallel meetings by creating mini-conferences within the main conference. Let see step by step how it works.

  1. We create the main conference.
  2. At the main conference all people will join and can be considered as a common room.
  3. Admins can create different groups by creating mini-conferences inside the main conference. And can invite the people from the main conference to join.
  4. Admins can freely join any mini-conference and on the main conference screen, they can manage all the mini-conferences.

Apart from the mini-conference project, it has all the features that a normal conferencing app has like Video Calling, Screen-sharing, and Chat.

How we built it

Following technologies we used to build the project: communication API - streaming solution React - Frontend development Firebase - Chat, Authentication & other data storage

Challenges we ran into

In reality, we are creating a different conference and there is no such technical term mini-conference. But from the user perspective, we wanted to show that there are mini-conferences within the main conference, which was challenging to develop.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to create a conference app with all the basic features every conferencing app has and also created a unique feature which as per our understanding not seen in any conferencing app.

What we learned

We learned a lot about conferencing and streaming features. Also as angular developers, we learned a lot about React.

What's next for Mini

We are planning to develop a scheduling feature, where users can schedule their meetings with predefined mini-conferences.

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