In today’s digital era, socializing has got more virtual than ever, where even the closest of friends tend to connect through a virtual social media platform! How about a Social Media Platform that actually breaks the virtual barriers to bring like-minded people closer?


The inspiration was all the Social Networking platforms that exist today. We wanted to build a Social Platform that is less virtual, less crappy and encourages users to 'really' collaborate and get social. No Useless Content sharing and only interest-based. A platform to leave someone alone if he/she doesn't have an interest in a particular type of content/event.

What it does

MingleBoard is a truly Social Media platform that connects people with similar interests. Kunsh Technologies – Top Mobile App Development Company has built such a Social Networking platform which is different from these Virtual and Online Networking apps where people always connect virtually. Instead, we have developed a Social Network that motivates and helps people physically collaborate and socialize.

And not only that, the platform actually helps people to connect and engage with only like-minded people and content that they are interested in – No Junk, no absurdity or forwarded and unwanted content.

It is bridging the gap between people through common interests. It allows people to choose from more than 50+ interests and create mingles or events based on interests to invite like-minded people.

So, Do you want to get truly social, then MingleBoard is your partner in socializing!

How I built it

Built with the help of an exceptionally talented team that includes PHP Laravel developers, Android / Kotlin Developers, iOS Developers, UI/UX Designers and myself.

Challenges I ran into

The concept is a little complex. And the challenge is to make more user-friendly. We are still evolving and making it better and simpler and still stick with the core objective.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The app is now live. This is like a dream came true after a great team effort for more than 1.5 years.

What I learned

A lot. Almost everything that a team leader should learn and I am still learning. Many technical aspects, challenges about making an App live, marketing and promotion of the app, bugs and how to solve them and lot more. It's a continuous experience.

What's next for MingleBoard - A Truly Social app

We want to make it an entire eco-system of its own.

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