I've always been a huge fan of the structure of the flash game "Radical Fishing". It uses a fun, three-tiered mini game structure where each mini game flows into the next. I wanted to explore this structure further while providing my own spin on the concept.

What it does

Minetime is procedurally generated, endless mining game where players collect resources to buy upgrades. The game is broken down into three phases: Drilling through the ground, Mining ore, and collecting falling objects. As you progress further through the earth, you can purchase upgrades to improve characteristics such as fuel capacity and pickaxe strength. With each upgrade purchased, it becomes easier to go further below the earth and discover new, more valuable ore.

How I built it

I progressed through the whole project following the structure of the game itself. Starting with the drilling mode, then moving onto collecting, catching and finally the implementation of upgrades and the shop. With every iteration, I focused on making every action and transition feel as smooth and as intuitive as possible. I wanted to make Minetime quick to play through but also simple to pick up and play.

Challenges I ran into

Balancing was a huge challenge for me. It was difficult finding the right feel for the movement of the drill, the scrolling speed for the drilling, the tap hitbox for mining etc. Minetime is quite dynamic in all the various aspects throughout the game, so I spent a lot of time making sure everything felt right when playing through the game.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

There was a lot of additional polish and detail features I added that I feel really add to the overall game experience. Everything from a slight delay, to a subtle shadow, to a flashy animation was added simply to help with creating a fun experience for the user. All the subtle effects really help enhance the gameplay, develop the world, and make learning Minetime an easy a task as possible.

What I learned

I learned a lot in terms of game feel and its importance to creating the perfect user experience. It was really surprising to see the impact of changing a single variable and having a drastic impact to the whole game. Finding the right balance between challenging and fun while constantly testing through constant iterations made the whole process exciting and rewarding.

What's next for minetime

Minetime is unique in how much it can truly expand. More ore, more upgrades, adding moving enemies. Can you imagine, travelling to a fantasy world and mining mythical metals such as Mythril? I'm excited for the future for Minetime and what new features can be added.

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