The main inspiration of this project was to improve the software design skills of our group members

What it does

This project has 2 main components.

The game component is a simple minesweeper game that runs inside your terminal.

The AI player component uses a local optimization algorithm to play the game at a high success rate.

How we built it

Both the game component and the AI player component were written with Python3.7.

The whole project was designed and written within a span of 10 hours during the Local hack day event at UTSC.

Challenges we ran into

Developing the strategy and method to win the game.

Translating the mental algorithm into concrete implementation.

Adjusting to poor design choices made earlier in the project's development.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The moment that our AI player won the minesweeper game was a moment of pure satisfaction and joy.

We are proud that we all came together and complete the project before the deadline.

What we learned

We learned that rushing project design in the earlier portions of development proved to be a poor choice, due to all the troubles it has cost.

This is a valuable lesson for all the group members and we will work to improve our designing skills in the future.

What's next for minesweeper

We would like to continue to improve and polish the algorithm to increase the win-rate.

We would also like to polish the game further and create a better user experience.

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