I wanted to build a version of the popular puzzle clicker game Minesweeper and all of its related variations, with the chance to emulate the gameplay of the popular single-player game through an exhilarating experience for people from all ages and backgrounds. I wished to not only test out my skills as a game developer but also stimulate interest in similar puzzle games among potential users, providing endless entertainment for family and friends.

What it does

The game generates a simulated board divided into covered cells, with mines scattered throughout the board environment. Each cell is either covered (blank and clickable), uncovered (exposed on the game board), or flagged (marked by the player to indicate a potential mine). Players can left click a cell to uncover it or right click a cell to flag it, causing a flag to appear. If a player uncovers a cell with a mine, the game is over and one must start over. Otherwise, the cell shows either a number indicating the amount of surrounding mines or a blank, which causes all neighboring cells with no mines to be uncovered. To win, a player must uncover all cells without mines, at which the timer will be stopped and the game ends.

How we built it

Much of the game's infrastructure was built upon React Native, which served as the foundational framework. The rendering of the board and numbered tile pieces as well as other key assets was built using JavaScript as the development language.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for Miner Mole Mayhem

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