We created our chess pieces based on the theme of Minecraft, because we felt that we could integrate its various characters into each chess piece role by using the hierarchy already present in the Minecraft game. We could pit the hostile mobs against the passive mobs against each other. On the hostile side, pieces are based on the level of danger towards the passive side, while on the passive side, pieces was based on their respective prevalence in the game, with the exception of the wolf because of the close, longstanding relationship between man and dog.
Furthermore, because the relative hierarchy chosen to correspond to the chess pieces may not be obvious to others at first, we decided to put the pieces on plinths to easily recognize each individual chess piece’s role in the game. Like traditional chess, each piece has specific roles and rules it must obey; however, our version gives the players a chance to choose between being on the ‘good’ versus ‘evil’ side, while in the traditional game, players are not given this chance. We hope this promotes a more complex and competitive atmosphere for the game.

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