Minechat filters the messages in even the busiest Minecraft Twitch stream, showing you what really matters to you! Minecraft Twitch folk are different than most gamers. You are all "dreamers, shapers, singers, and makers". You love to build and watch others build too, while sharing Minecraft knowledge with others.

VIEWERS - Viewers love Minechat because it effortlessly pulls out for easy viewing all the Minecraft related chat messages in real-time, so you can relax and enjoy the stream.

BROADCASTERS - Broadcasters have the difficult task of interacting with their viewers, right smack in the middle of playing a game that involves planning and concentration. They love Minechat because with one quick glance they can respond to interesting questions or build suggestions, keeping their viewers happy and coming back stream after stream.

MODERATORS - Moderators love Minechat because it cuts through the blizzard of "Pogs", "hurrahs", bickering, and irrelevant questions in a busy stream.

Give it a try!

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