Inspiration I was originally going to do a one of those choose your own adventure books but as a GUI in python, but I realized I wanted to do something better and more challenging, which is why I chose to make a game, which is this one

What it does Its a one round, repeatable strategy game, in which you can flip tiles over and mark some as bombs. If you flip over a tile with a bomb, you lose.

How I built it I split up the project into three primary parts, the start screen, the manager, and the game itself. There was an extra file to

Challenges I ran into The primary challenge was trying to give unique properties to 100 to now 400 buttons made from a for loop, with nonoverlapping or being destroyed.

I'm proud of being able to figure out the majority of the project on my own and seeing the project come into what I imagined.

What I learned. Try not to brute force the problems, and google them if you don't know how to do it.

What's next for Mine Sweeper I am going to make an automatic sweeper of connecting zeros, to make the game quicker and more invigorating.

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