We're inspired by another NFT game but it was very raw. So we decided to build more than simply NFT card game. We want to give more sense for game logic and make a game platform with Staking, DAO, and other activities for the end user.

What it does

Game based on idea of mines and stones. You can build a mine and mine a stones with different rarity. So full functional are:

  • You can mint a mines.
  • Based on given mine - you can mint a stones (with different rarity based on mine you have).
  • You can transfer mine and stoned between accounts.
  • You can place your NFTs on the market and sale them.

How we built it

We start from simple idea - build a play-to-earn game using existing resources and market tools. We started from design a contract structures and released core logic on contract side. Then we started implementing UI side and built Landing page for introduction.

Challenges we ran into

  • We faced with a lot non early implemented things.
  • We learnt how to build "less-gas" structure and save money during calls.
  • We build first version and update it to support thouthands NFT.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • It's on pre-release state to start play on it right now.
  • Cross-Contract connections (Mine, Stone and FT contracts communicate with main game contract).
  • Easy extendable collections (managed by admin).
  • Filter by Rarity, Collection and pagination implementation that can work with thouthand items.

What we learned

  • How to create NFT game from scratch.
  • How to work with near library and write a complex contract stuctures.
  • How to create own FT token and connect it to main contract.

What's next for Mine Land

  • Ability to stake MLN token.
  • Governance (DAO) using MLN tokens.
  • Prepare to Production.

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