We wanted to create a game that took inspiration from our favorite games and web3 projects. We wanted to provide a low barrier of entry for web3 newbies, as well as a familiar experience for battle-hardened veterans. One of our favorite blockchain projects, Berry Club, provides an inviting experience for people to collaboratively work together, making the experience more fun as more people join!

What it does allows you to create character NFTs to mine resources on a limited set of planets in a universe. Players compete to mine on limited planet real estate for resources that can be combined and used to purchase mining permits, terraforming modules, and resources to create new planets and solar systems. You may also use resources for staking, cosmetic NFTs, and more!

How we built it

Sweat, blood, tears, and entirely too much Red Bull.

In all seriousness, on-chain programs were written in Rust using the Anchor framework. The frontend is written in React with Typescript and Three.js for game graphics.

Challenges we ran into

This was our first time doing anything blockchain, Rust, 3D, and game-related, so we had a high barrier of entry with learning all of these things combined. We also ran into some IRL problems that prevented us from making use of the entire allotted time, but we're proud of what we accomplished.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of our game mechanics, the graphics, and all of the things we managed to learn. Since we've never built a game, nor a decentralized app, we're proud that we were able to get something working that we think is fun to play!

What we learned

A whole lot about decentralized apps, governance, tokenomics, game theory, 3D graphics programming, Rust, and the Solana ecosystem.

What's next for

We have a roadmap outlined on our website, linked here.

First off, we hope to refine our game for a full testnet launch where testers can earn governance tokens and help us refine the core game mechanics and balance.

We also want to launch our first set of playable character NFTs, and future vanity item drops.

We then want to launch a full governance protocol to help dictate future game events, drops, and features.

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