My inspiration stems from-my own experience. For example, I was caught doing something against the law. I don't know how the judicial system is in the United States but where i'm from Kuwait and all the gulf states. We are plagued with corrupt judges who base their final indictment on bias reasons.

What it does

It stores all data on every person. His personal record, Where he worked where he studied and if he got a degree. His criminal record, and of course data collected from google can also help with knowing where each person was located and his daily routine. Also, everyone is required to store their residential rights and claim the right of their property. Inheritance is also a very messy problem. It takes seven to eight years to get a ruling. Mine aims to solve this problem.

How I built it

I have built it I'm more an expressive kind of coder as opposed to the real coders. I hope my teammates can help me solve an epidemic involving the Judicial system

Challenges I ran into

I was caught with 0.001 grams of hash in my pockets coming from Spain to Kuwait. I honestly did not know about it and I was going to smuggle anything, I would get something that is worth it. It took more than a year and half to finally get my ruling and with all the evidence yet i was wrongly convicted. We as a team and I hope a lot join me on this aim to solve this one man rule in the middle east and corrupt judges.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud to say that I have created a facebook page called Fsocietykw where I exposed all wrong doings

What I learned

I learned that a lone you can't change anything because the government or the state has all the weapons to shut you up so I chose to shut the ip

What's next for Mine

What's next for Mine is to finally solve these 7 years disputes for inheritance problems between families and property rights. With mine there wont need to be judges. Master Node is chosen by the people basically a Byzantine govern-ace and give people are chose to come up with the final outcome "The Jury"

Built With

  • json
  • texastic
  • textedit
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