Music can have a huge impact on our mood and mindset. MindTracks supports emotional and physical well-being by enabling users to identify their current mood or activity level and plays curated music accordingly.

What it does

A user can register, login, and identify their current mood or activity level on a scale and playlists will be curated accordingly.

How we built it

Front-end: HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Bootstrap // Back-end: Python/Django, SQLite // Tools: Spotify Embed Widget

Challenges we ran into

We had difficulties in utilizing the Spotify API to bring in the playlists and the login portal to our homepage. Providing users with their average mood rating for additional insight through the database was another challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of and what we learned

Open communication among team, frequent discussions through meetings and flexibility to adjust or change direction of project when necessary. Being in the 'New Student' Category, we were able to successfully experiment and implement with tech stacks we had no prior experience in.

What's next for MindTracks

Bring in more functionality from Spotify by utilizing its Web API, provide meaningful user data with mood ratings, and implement other ways to deliver more specific playlists to users.

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