Inspired by wanting to visualize all of Wikipedia, because all of us like to browse Wikipedia for long periods of time at once.

What it does

A chrome extension/website/application pairing which takes your wikipedia browsing information, and records your brain data while reading wikipedia, and then is able to visualize the wikipedia pages that you have read, and changes colors based on your perceived engagement with the material, and gives you suggested wikipedia pages to read based upon your history.

How I built it

The chrome extension is built with Node.js and the website is built with Node.js and html and css, and the Muse app is made using Processing.

Challenges I ran into

It was very difficult to integrate many modules into the chrome extension. It was hard to communicate between the different parts of the project, because it was worked on by different people. Also, using different languages that we had very little experience with was very difficult.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

During these 36 hours, we learned more than we thought we could have. We are proud that we finished a product, and that it is useful.

What I learned

Functional Programming, Node.js, D3, Callbacks, Asynchronous

What's next for MindSweeper

The next step is perhaps matching together similar users who would like to converse with each other.

Built With

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