As students and professionals, our attention is often fixated on our specified studies and professions. A creative outlet that allows a different and fun thinking can only be beneficial.

What it does

This is a fun game in which users are given a pair of very random items. The user is asked to associate the two items with similarities. At the end of the 5-round game, the user will be able to see their results and from there, interpret how one thinks.

How we built it

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Handlebars, and lots and lots of random APIs

Challenges we ran into

Handling multiple asynchronous calls at the same time; creative aspects such as font, colors, name of he project are something that we are not used to doing day-to-day.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

One member of the team learned css and html from scratch. This is also a fun tool we plan to use in the future!

What we learned

We learned to tailor our design to set the tone of the project, and how to divide the work based on our strength.

What's next for MindSpring

We might add some algorithms that interprets the user's input results.

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