The United States ranks 35th in Math and 27th in Science. Using Natural Language Processing we help teachers and students discover additional practice problems directly related to the topics they are studying. For example a teacher, Emma Morgan who is teaching Algebra 1, has used the same 10 practice problems for the topic of Polynomials for the last 5 years, but she's always known some students want to augment their studies.

We are MindsetApp DOT CLUB and we are a Natural Language Processing (NLP) powered platform bringing teachers and students crowdsourced and proprietary math problems.

Not all students have access to high quality practice problems and we are leveling the playing field.

Teachers, like our own Emma Morgan can login using the HMH identity endpoint and then upload their syllabus.

Our NLP team has used IBM Watson to parse the syllabi into topic tags. The teacher can upload practice problems associated with those tags and then using those same tags, comb our database for related problems which she can select to use or share with students.

From the student end. They can use either the web or mobile app with the code provided by their teacher. This brings them directly to the practice problems of both their teacher’s design and those the teacher has selected from the crowdsourced database. Providing them with access to much needed extra practice.

We’re starting with Algebra 1 and 2 plus Geometry but see this expanding first to other math classes and then beyond.

Again, we are Mindset App. We add to your problems and are proud of it.

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