this has been inpired by the childhood of one o the members of our team that was going through bullying when she was younger by her classmates and she kept it to herself since she was being threatened by the girls, that developed many mental health problems to her such as depression, self estimate and fear she wanted badly to have someone to talk to anonymously without anybody knowing about it thats why we thought about virtualizing this world, the world of mental health therapy especially in our county where people are shy to go to psychologist because of the gossiping of the environment

What it does

it heals the member from the mental health issues he/she are going through by providing 3 functionalities:

an emotional chatbot developed by an AI model, that assist you understand your feelings and show sympathy to it

an advisor model that analyzes yoru symptoms while talking to it and collecting daily life advises to help improve your situation

a premium functionality that give the patient the possibility to chat with real life expertised therapists anonymously

How we built it

frontend: reactjs, tailwindcss backend: django database: mysql AI: python

Challenges we ran into

  • the impelementation of the synchronized chat between the therapist and the patient using websocket
  • the integration of the AI models in the backend
  • the integration and the interaction of the frontend and the backend

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • almost finalized the synchronous chat which was great to work on (diffiult but nice)
  • the implementation of the backend of the 2 payment methods : chargily and stripe
  • the implementation of almost all the frontend and the backend and AI (only integration missing)

What we learned

-working with websocketthrough the synchronous chat

  • working with chatGPT API
  • working with chargily and stripe APIs and how to implement a payement with them in the backend

What's next for MindScape

  • CV checking of the therapists using an advanced AI model (scan the CV and analyze it), in order to provide a good therapists quality

  • finalize synchronous chat between the sender and reciever

  • customizabity (recommandation system of the therapists) using a powerful AI MODEL

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