Imagine a world where there is only one app that you use the time you wake up and time you sleep and that is "MindReader" on Salesforce1.

Imagine there are no buttons to click and data just appears on the screen with a touchless interface. So that old people and people on the go (sales people) or the busy workforce (in the office) or field people (visiting customers) see the relevant information just as we are reading their mind.

This is the main concept behind mindreader. It is based on the pain that people in various roles go through for accessing the relevant data.

In more details, We have created a "Dashboard" which shows information based on 3 parameters - Role, Time of the day and Location. Based on that, the algorithm will figure out the best information to display. For eg. a Marketing role at 12 pm going to customer location would like to schedule a lunch meeting with the customer. So, we should be showing the nearly restaurents. At 4 pm however, we should be showing the nearby coffee houses. MindReader also gives a quick 1 page summary of the customers, contacts they are meeting making life of the salesperson who is always on move very easy. It is important not to show "ALL" the clutter that is out there on social media needs to be converted to 1 page summary. This is especially useful when going for customer visit, of when doing cold calling.

We have built custom objects and created visual pages and brought the data on one page. We used GPS to get the current location. We interfaced with Linked In and to get the relevant information about the contact and display it in a quick summary. We created an Heroku connect app using Node.js that talks to our salesforce instance and gets the data backup of our salesforce instance.

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