I have some experience in backend programming (C++) and want to learn how to do something online.

What it does

Players are randomly matched, then they shown possible choices (in different order), they select their choices trying to select the same as other player.

How I built it

I used flask and wrote all handling there.

On client side a bit of Javascript is involved.

Challenges I ran into

Understanding Flask and sockets :)

Running it on AWS (configuring appache there)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works :)

What I learned

How to create simple online apps which provide users realtime interaction using python. (Flask, Flask-socketIO, sockets, javascript)

Deploying Flask apps on Amazon Web Services. (Apache, AWS)

What's next for MindRead

Probably enriching functionality a bit. This project was not my main aim, but very similar to what I would like to get, so anyway I will have apply obtained knowledge there.

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