mindr is a cross-platform emotion monitoring app, essential for every smart home. The app is tailored to provide an unintrusive and private solution to keep track of a child's well-being during all those times we can't be with them.

How it works

The emotion monitoring happens on a device—a laptop, or any IoT device that supports a camera—locally. Each frame from the camera is processed for emotional content and severely emotional distress. The emotion processing is facilitated using OpenCV, TensorFlow, and was trained using a convolutional neural network within TFLearn. All of the image data is stored locally, to protect a parent's privacy.

The emotional data is then sent to a Django backend web-server where it is parsed into a PostgreSQL database. The Django web-server then serves analytical data to a React/Redux single-page web app which provides parents with a clean interface for tracking their child's emotional behavior through time. Distressing emotional events are expedited to the parent by sending notifications through SMS or email.

Who we are

We are a team of upper-division computer science students passionate about creating useful and well-made applications. We love coffee and muffins.

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