"An increasing amount of scientific evidence indicates that rhythm stimulates and organizes a person's muscle responses and helps people with neuromuscular disorders"

Created by a disabled artist and programmer this is the first handicap enabled piano simulator. This app was made for people whose disability prevents control of their arms and hands enough to play piano.

Bring the music back to your life wth MindPiano. The app requires use of a NeuroSky MindWave Mobile or NeuroSky MindWave Mobile Plus headset in order to create music from brain waves and eye blinks. One simply focuses on an object, and, as your focus increases, the highlighted note will move up the scale. Then, when you intentionally blink your eyes, the app will play the intended note. Simply look away or relax to bring the selected note downwards. The app features a high quality and realistic piano synthesizer.

Never before has a piano existed that a paralyzed individual could play that runs on inexpensive and readily available hardware. The applications for art and music therapy are unfathomable. We hope MindPiano is the first of many instruments based on brain waves. That is why we are an opensource initiative and the app's code is readily available to the public. Programmers can easily compile their own versions of the app and easily add other recorded instruments to their versions. Imagine a world where anyone can make music regardless of their physical limitations. That is the world that starts with MindPiano.

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