What is MindPalace?

Our app allows the user to create an immersive "Mind Castle" to aid his memory and visualization of concepts. The natural "Mind Palace" technique utilizes the brain's greater capacity to remember locations, and connects memories of place to valuable concepts, images, and facets of information.

Where we improve

While a conceptual mind stays within the limitation of the imagination, "MindPalace" connects memories to not only the idea of images, but selectively chosen images, music, and sound; facets of one's environment proven to enhance memory. After selecting needed concepts to remember, the app identifies effective images and selects optimal loci for the user to place, each added in conjunction with a distinctive jingle. This jingle, along with the vivid set of images connected to that concept provides what the traditional mind palace had never been able to utilize for thousands of years.

How I built it

Unity 5 Development Interface and Microsoft Visual Studio.

Challenges I ran into

Efficient utilization of image selection and processing merged poorly with older versions of the respective Unity and Oculus runtimes. Identifying which positions of images most effectively eliminated gaps in place and position of the memory-inducing indicators.

What's next for MindPalace

The images users spend time studying and committing directly to memory may be given to sponsors and advertisers who provide premiums to cater towards individual user experiences. Integration into Gear VR and use of the smartphone to provide an AR experience for real life environments lie not far in the future.

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