Describe MindMixer MindMixer is an online engagement platform that leverages the power of social media and technology to facilitate two-way conversation between civic, education and healthcare organizations and their constituents and keep their audiences engaged over time. Through MindMixer’s large suite of tools and unique feedback loop, it bridges the gap between community members and civic leaders so more people can weigh in on topics bubbling up in communities.

Traditional approaches like town hall meetings and message boards no longer work but through the technological advances of MindMixer’s web hosted platform, an endless amount of people can join in on civic conversation to help create impactful change in their communities.

Getting More People Engaged Gridlock can sometimes result from more extreme voices dominating the debate. Can you create tools that help entice underrepresented voices to engage and participate? Extreme voices tend to dominate debates and conversations at civic meetings leaving underrepresented communities out in the dust. MindMixer solves for the problem with a place where residents can communicate with their city leaders where they wouldn’t get to otherwise. The platform is a useful resource for the more timid mindset to chime in and participate on the topics that are happening in their communities as well as in their daily lives, when at traditional meetings they would remain unheard.

These underrepresented groups could be ideological groups such as Libertarians, Centrists, etc. or demographic groups such as lower income citizens, minority groups, etc. How can you make it interesting, relevant, and easy for people to engage who aren’t activists, pundits, or partisans? Underrepresented groups of people both demographically and ideologically can feel left out and uninformed on conversations happening in their community and oftentimes they will even go as far to give up on taking advantage of citizenship rights, as fundamental as voting. MindMixer’s simple and easy-to-use platform is a topical solution that provides citizens with a way to speak up. In addition, it offers the tools needed to empower and increase involvement. Through a series of engagement tools including surveys, idea submission, idea refinement, idea voting, interactive budgeting and community challenges MindMixer keeps people interested in the topic at hand and engaged over time.

No longer do people need to feel like they cannot attend a 6pm town hall meeting during the week with a full-time job that requires them to work overtime. MindMixer’s platform is always open and ready to engage the right people at the right time. In addition, topics presented on the site can be segmented and customized allowing community members the ability to select the set of topics that appeals most to activity happening in their daily lives.

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