The MindMe theory and methodology was evolved over the past 30 years by one of our founders in his psychiatric practice. Our platform is designed to record basic patient data and allow for psychiatric analysis and the establishment of a therapeutic program. It captures and logs information as patients are treated. The application goes beyond being a simple communication device providing enhanced access to ones therapist or counselor. The app and its underlying technology allows the patient to receive treatment through the interaction, while the app measures the results, adapts the decision tree, suggests more therapy if needed, and only then if necessary (decided by algorithm) suggests that the patient initiate a live session with Therapist via WebRTC.

The app helps those who do not possess adequate coping mechanisms to offset suicidal ideation. Helping those people is our inspiration

We envision this program being useful to large-scale psychiatry/psychotherapy clinics that have to treat many patients at a time. We have already had initial interest from groups that represent the Department of Defense/VA Hospital System that are looking for a scalable means to deliver a high standard of care to returning soldiers with varying levels of PTSD. We also believe that this could be valuable to other government and non-government funded mental health entities internationally.

The unique features of the invention relate to the fact that it can deliver personalized care to the end user, based on therapist input. Psychotherapy must be personalized – there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to mental health. Unfortunately, personalized care typically comes at increased cost. Here we present a solution that allows the therapist to have a means to monitor and supervise the wellness of at-risk patients who are under their care with unprecedented detail. We have achieved this through the use of innovative application design, intuitive logic for the presentation of detailed information and integration of state-of-the-art communication technology available for emergency situations. Additionally, the data gathering capabilities of the application are novel – we believe that this distinguishes the system over previous systems by collecting rich data from patients that can ultimately be used to guide clinical decision-making, and change frequency and intensity of care-delivered.

The MindMe solution, under development for over a year, leverages innovative psychotherapy approaches alongside the WebRTC messaging, voice and video conversation capabilities provided by the Kandy Platform. MindMe utilizes the WebRTC channels (voice, video and data) , working in tandem so that everything is presented in real time and leveraging multiple sessions/calls to databases.

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