When a family member was in the hospital, a nurse hugged me as I cried and took outside. She told me to take deep breaths, in and out, and remain conscious of my breathing. I needed to ground myself in the here and now. What could I see? What could I hear? What could I sense? Essentially, she was trying to teach me how to patch up my mental health. It made me realize how mental health is active. It requires thought-out action from the users and even a new setting to help reset your state of mind. Yet, so many people don't know what actions to take or where to go.

What it does

MindMAPP is gamified mental health with a self-care quest. Users can journey to mindfulness locations (parks, gardens, etc.) and complete self-care tasks to earn points and badges. MindMAPP walks users through every step of the way, including breathing exercises and self-care tips. With this, MindMAPP uses positive reinforcement to encourage users to take charge of their mental health.

How we built it

MindMAPP's front end was built with React on a Next.js framework. The back end was built using Java on the IDE. All components were uploaded to Github, a tool critical to our collaboration of students across multiple countries and coasts.

Challenges we ran into

Unfortunately, we did not receive the welcome package email, so we were unable to create the domain on However, we do hope to create the domain as soon as possible. We also needed to rework the map API. Initially, we planned on using the Google Maps API, though we quickly realized it was better suited for Unity. Hence, we pivoted to MapBox.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We successfully convinced some of our friends and family members to go out and enjoy the warm weather. We went breathing and meditation exercises, leading to a mentally fruitful outing.

What we learned

User input is critical to projects. With user input from our friends and family, we added walk-through features to help guide people in their self-care journey. Self-care does not arise from school curriculums or common sense, so we want MindMAPP to fill in the gaps and teach people self-care techniques.

What's next for MindMAPP

We plan on creating the domain to make our website more visible. We also hope to add potential for meditation groups to supplement the socialization aspect of self-care that has deteriorated since the pandemic.

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