As a team, we decided that our YHack 2019 project would involve some aspect of education. We concluded that a useful educational tool would be something that could expedite and extrapolate notes from lectures.

What it does

Given a video link (presumably to a recorded lecture), MindMap creates a transcription that is then condensed and compiled into a simple to use and fun mind-map diagram.

How we built it

We divvied up the project into three separate parts:

  • The frontend webpage (HTML/CSS/JavaScript).
  • The backend processes involving Google Cloud's Speech-to-Text API Libraries.
  • The linking Python scripts that gave way to functionality. ## Challenges we ran into Integrating the three separate parts into one standalone applet. ## Accomplishments that we're proud of Creating three separately functional parts and forging them into one application and learning to work with languages and technologies that we've never touched before. ## What we learned We all learned a lot about the following languages: JavaScript, Python, and HTML/CSS Markup Languages. We also learned the fundamentals ## What's next for MindMap Combining more features into the main package (direct user input, better design infrastructure, enhanced aesthetics).

Built With

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