Stressfulness with homework, exams and general life in our first year at University.

What it does

An app where users can take a break from their hectic lives and calm down. Mindfulness is an app which makes the user set apart 10 minutes every day for them to calm down and breathe, with an inspiring quote to help.

How we built it

With what learned in the gut and python workshops, we tried to build the application Using python flask to build webapps.

Challenges we ran into

Writing the code in a new language, Not having the technical know-how for building applications, especially in less that 12 hours.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Thinking of an idea for an app which could help a lot of people, including ourselves. Learning basic programming skills.

What we learned

Basic python scripts. Using gitkraken and GitHub.

What's next for Mindfulness

Fully finishing the app, if not for a competition, to help ourselves in the sure to be stressful years to come.

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