In today's society we are often concerned about the monetary price of goods, always seeking the best deals, how to get the most bang out of our buck, but we overlook the environmental and social cost of what we are purchasing. Often times it's not that as consumers we don't care about environmental or social sustainability, it's more that the larger players in the meats, fruit, clothing industry, etc. are not very transparent with what goes into producing their goods.

Therefore, we wanted to make it easier for users to understand the real cost of their purchase (beyond just the monetary cost) by creating a chrome extension that informs you about the environmental and social cost of every good you are interested in purchases. It also suggest alternative options that are more sustainable, because there should be support for companies who are doing it right! This browser utilizes HTML, CSS, and Javascript to enable users to see a popup window with the environmental cost of products while searching the web.

Project: https://github.com/alegna12499/mindfully

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