Based on the ongoing difficulty to initiate a physician and patient relationship for those struggling with mental health or drug addictions.

What it does

MindfulM8 connects the patient and physician by prompting the user to track their own progress in respect to their mental health or medical condition. It fully automates doctor office paperwork and strengthens doctor-patient relationships. This app focuses on real-time self-help with indirect monitoring from the physician.

How we built it

Backend - Javascript Front-end - react, html, css Prototype - Adobe xd

Challenges we ran into

Struggling to connect front end and back end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We coded the project in javascript, which strays away from our areas of familiarity.

What we learned

Working on a team with people with different strengths enhances collaboration and promotes learning.

What's next for Mindful M8

Creating the physicians' interface to make questions more customizable and unique to the patient. Technically, attaching it to firebase

Built With

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