Mental health is significantly important today - just as important as physical health. Most of the time, people do not know if they actually have a problem. Stress is something we all experience every day. But how do we decide if we need help? How do we cope with any mental disturbances we may have?

What it does

Mindful is a place where one can do multiple things - enter their thoughts in a journal, read blogs and watch videos on mental health, get suggestions as to what they can do based on their journal entries (for example, meditation, yoga, going for a run, hitting the gym, seeing a therapist, and so on), and finally have a virtual pet that one can feed!

Based on your location, the web application provides a place near you that you could benefit from. For example, an analysis of your journal entry thinks that exercising in a gym would help you feel better, the application will give you the name, address and phone number of a gym near you!

How I built it

The back end performs a sentiment analysis and provides appropriate suggestions to the user. This is tied with a front end that authenticates a user, shows videos and blogs, and a virtual dog created using Photoshop.

Challenges I ran into

Connecting the front end and the back end was a major challenge. We struggled with PHP but we overcame that. We also had problems with MongoDB but we handled that too.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Initially, we thought we had bitten off more than we can chew, but in the end, everything came together. Also, mental health, being such a broad, dynamic and a human concept, we were able to abstract some important aspects of it and executed a simple application that helps people deal with any disturbances they have.

What I learned

We learned how to create an authentication system, run a database on the cloud, and how to animate objects on Photoshop.

What's next for Mindful

We would like to record the progress of an individual over time, and serve incentives accordingly. We also want to reward the users that maintain their pet really well.

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