ZenZone Gear VR app, Spire respiratory feedback device.

What it does

Provides realtime respiratory feedback during guided meditations in a VR environment.

How we built it

We connected a BIOPAC respiratory monitor to an Oculus Rift using iMotions software, and created an immersive VR environment with a soothing guided meditation.

Challenges we ran into

EEG headset hardware from iMotion did not provide fully accurate readings.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting live respiratory biometric data and applying it directly into visualisations in virtual reality.

What we learned

What's next for MindFlow VR

Engagement with communities in medicine and wellness research.

Other Details:

Lead name: Tim Gallati Lead person’s telephone number: 310.442.9391 Location: Media Lab Room: E14 - 674 Roughly where in the room: In the center of the room Floor number: 6th floor Vertical: Human Wellbeing Background Photo and Audio captured and edited by Tim Gallati

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