Last year Spotify Wrapped was all in rage, and that is because we like to look back at how we spend our year as we're approaching the new year. This happens for various news events, sports events, youtube does that as well. So we thought why not capture our own moods daily so that we can visualize it at the end of a year.

What it does

The user has to just select how he/she/they are feeling that day, and the app does the rest. Each mood is assigned a color. We generate an image consisting of lines, one line for one day, and the color of the line showing how the user was feeling.

How we built it

The app is built using Flutter. We used firebase for authentication and database.

Challenges we ran into

Visualizing emotion. Plotting emotions against a graph does not seem right, as they are not discrete values. So we decided to plot it as a spectrum instead.

What's next for MindColors

After polishing certain things, we would like to publish it on playstore as a full fledged app.

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