When we were deciding what to do, we wanted to create a Telegram bot and got inspiration from our dear friend Francis, who is a fairly annoying person but does not like the use of uncouth language. Hence, we created a Telegram bot as an attempt to replicate his behaviour.

What it does

  • Prompts you not to use uncouth language when a word in the banned list is used
  • A random word will be added to the banned list everyday
  • Users can redeem themselves by refraining from using banned words over a number of messages sent
  • The use of certain words will prompt the bot to send related song lyrics
  • Randomly decides to remind chat users of the number of days until finals (what a kill joy)
  • Randomly decides to send chat users pictures of Francis (just to be annoying)
  • Users will get kicked out the chat with a chance proportional to their banned words count
  • /naughtyList: Leaderboard to show the number of banned words used for the top 10 users
  • /banned: Shows the banned list of words on the command
  • /add or /remove: allows users to add or remove banned words except the default ones
  • /joke: tells users a joke
  • /halp: shows all the available commands

How we built it

We used Python and Telegram Bot API for Python to complete this.

Challenges we ran into

We initially decided to use node js to code the bot but later decided to use Python instead as it was a slightly more familiar language. We also had other features that we had to cut because they were not as relevant to our bot even though we spent quite a lot of time implementing them.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have created a bot that closely replicates Francis' annoying behaviour in an online setting so it feels like he is always with us at all times.

What we learned

Francis is even more annoying than we actually thought. And also how to make a Telegram bot.


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