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What it does

Our program can analysis and record the brain wave and control the the Tello to taking off and landing.

How we built it

First, we find a starter kit for brainwave detection called MindWave Mobile 2. A program on pc with GUI and read the serial information, and perform the data analysis and category. A Tello drone is connected to same PC through the network. and program can send command through WIFI to control the drone directly.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Set up the connection between PC and MindWave devices: there is no very detailed documents about how the communication process being performed. We spent a lot of time to analysis the serial communication and its output format.

  2. Set up the comment control for Tello: we also spend some time in this step due to the package online mostly based on the python2, and our program is running by python3, so we have to debug and change some code to make it work.

  3. GUI design and Concurrent programming: we spent significant amount of time on debugging the logic of the GUI, also, the program flow to read and write and share data between threads.

  4. Detection

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being about to write software to communicate with software, and being something cool

What we learned

Team Collaboration, Working under stress, Have Fun !!!

What's next for Mind Tello

We are going to improve the control accuracy, and the detection.

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