The Coronavirus showed us the importance of knowing how to solve problems, having a growth mindset, and rethinking how we are living (planet, technology/social balance, stress) and working (remote working, work culture, mental health).

bold We are in the midst of a change in paradigm and in order to support this change we believe we need 1) Education with real impact 2) An inspiring community.

We’ve researched how people become 21st century proof individuals and they have a mindset a common. And how did they get it?

We’ve identified 5 pillars: inspiration, practice, action, feedback and repetition that those individuals go through in their journey. What is out there now? There are many resources available for free (podcast, apps, youtube videos, tedx, coaches, small communities) out there but it's scattered and it's passive.

We want to build a platform that takes people through a journey through those 5 pillars.

What it does

The product is a learning journey that involves blended learning (Digital + human live online) and the outcome is individuals who are ambassadors of these new ways of working and living. Through peer learning, teaching by doing, an approach to solving problems, and the right community, we coach people to achieve the best version of themselves. B2C and B2B!

How we built it

We are just starting to build it:

Who we are

Anais lives in Switzerland and I live in Paris. We met last summer through a friend in common and our common vision of the world made us friends and now hackathon partners!!

What we learned

To solve this global issue we need collaboration, complementary skills, a big dose of humanity and getting together as a global community.

What's next for Mind switch

Recruit a few superstars who believe we can change the world!

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